Saturday, August 27, 2011

God Bless Olivia

I do not know this little girl-or any of the people involved.  I was visiting the blog Infinite Possibilities and learned about a card drive for Olivia.  Please go here for more information. I can not imagine what it is like to face something like this.  I am thankful that Olivia's surgery went well and I pray she recovers quickly and completely.  Here's the card the kids & I made for her. Hope it brightens her day!

The ocean is K & Company Citronella Waves Glitter Thermography Paper.  The whale is Best Occasions Pearlescent Paper. The font (I hate to say...) is called Fart Bubble which I downloaded from FontSpace.  What a naughty name for such a cute font! 

Inside: the little fish are fingerprints.

I'm making her a lined envelope too.  I really wish her all the best!
Thanks for stopping by!
~HUGS~ Brenda

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Vanessa Middleton said...

Seriously? That is so cute. I LOVE the whale, but I almost cried when I scrolled down and saw your little finger print fishies. Those are even CUTER! :)